Welcome to Falconeye Pixie Bobs

Falconeye Pixie Bobs are raised inside our home with family. They get full time interaction and are used to being handled and socialized. I breed for healthy quality cats, that meet the high standards of the breed, but also for loving personalities. My cats have great out going attitudes and are not shy. They look you in the eye and want to be a part of your life. A Falconeye Pixie Bob will be your best friend, and can live a long happy life.

I am a small breeder and only have one or two litters a year. My cats are from the original pixie bobs foundation and champion bloodlines. The Queen and kittens are inside my home full time . Many people who have bought a kitten from me love their cat so much, they put a deposit for a another one in an upcoming litter. These are great family pets or show cats and also very popular with singles also. You are never lonely with one of my pixie bobs in your life. What good are top bloodlines and show cats that do not want to cuddle or be with you?

You get bloodlines and personality with my kittens. If you put a deposit on a kitten from Falconeye, you can actually come and meet your kitten. Every buyer also receives a CD with photos of your kitten from their birthday and gradually growing up. CD Includes information and photos of their parents and relatives and their pedigrees. Getting a kitten is a personal experience and my kittens, as you can see pictured to the left, all want to sit on my lap!

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