Happy Buyers

Just had to say a few things about my new baby purchased December 23rd from Miss Melanie. Yesterday and today have been sad days for us. We lost my stepmother yesterday. Today we packed her things up to help my little brother out. Afterwards I just had to come home to my baby. I have cried for 2 days Micah greeted me at the door and had much to say about me leaving all day, but, has not left my side since. If u have never owned a pixie bob they r quite different from most cats. He has to know what room I'm in at all times and follows me throughout the house. This little guy is a marvelous example of what the pixie Bob. My boy is so perfect and should totally be a show cat. But he's to live out his life being a little Texas Prince spoiled beyond belief. He's extremely intelligent and very brave. I wanted a lap cat and what I got is more. He gives Eskimo kisses and begins to purr before I even pick him up. What a love he is. A dream come true for me. I could tell you all day how wonderful he is but if you have never known The love of this majestic breed it is unique and beautiful. Melanie has done her homework to improve the pixie bob breed. I can actually trace my cat to the original pixie bob. I found most of these breeders so passionate about these kitties, now I know why. I hope to post here for Melanie as he grows so u can all see how beautiful he grows to be.

This kitten went home with his new owner John Ferdinand who bought Obi-Wan, one of my December kittens. John has since renamed him Spartacus. He has expressed wanting another kitten, from me in the near future.

Stacie & Koko

Stacie flew down to get her long hair male kitten. She has not even had him 24 hours and they have bonded. She will fly home on Monday with her new kitten