Falconeye Kittens

No one can deny that kittens are just so cute and adorable. I believe that even the grumpiest person alive, would smile if placed in a room with my pixie bob kittens. My queens’ all live inside the house and you will usually find one sitting on, or beside me, or my husband when we are watching TV or other sit down activities. They love to watch you doing housework, and help out by sitting in the dustpan. They are a major part of  our family like our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. The queens are always friendly throughout the entire breeding program from mating with my kings, assisting with birthing, holding the newborns for daily check ups, and the raising of the kittens.Several weeks before  the queen’s due date, she is moved into my large sunny office, where she has a private area away from the other cats. She chooses one of several prepared nesting areas to give birth. The mom gets time out of the office whenever she wants, but no other cats are allowed in the room.  The babies are in a safe, kitten proof environment inside the home, never in kennels. They are exposed to a normal home, with lots of different sounds from people, dogs, cats, and household activities. They are handled and played daily, but also my friends, relatives, and grandson Robert interact with them.

I have never seen a better mother than a Pixie Bob cat. All of my queens have been loving, patient and give all of their attention to their young. When I was a teenager we raised and bred Siamese cats. It was exciting to see these tiny white kittens later develop coats with blue or seal point markings. Pixies are even more electrifying because some can have straight feet or extra toes, long or short coats; various tail lengths, green or deep yellow eyes, and an assortment of coat markings.  They are also more laid back and interested in people. When they mature at four years of age, they can be even more stunning than when they were brought home.

I work from my home full time. I run a wildlife rehabilitation center at a separate location on my five-acre property. I have over thirty-five years of experience and special training to care for difficult species of wildlife from owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons, to river otters and bobcats. I have over 40 years working with domestic cats.

All my wildlife babies have to remain wild, and taught to survive on their own. I do not cuddle them, or let them become accustom to staff or myself. They are in specialized enclosures surrounded by a six-foot fence at the center, not in or near the house.  My job is to raise and release them back to the wild where they can add future generations to their populations. Check out my not for profit website www.hawkewildlife.org . 45 years with domestic cats.

Unlike the baby river otter or tiny owlet, which must remain wild, I get to play with my adorable Pixie babies and love on them   day and night.  My office is also a cat nursery  and instant "happy room. "You can not be down, or thinking of the world’s problems when kittens are wrestling, chasing each other around, or curled up together purring on your lap. They also love to sleep beside you and give little happy feet  massages and have a very load and comforting purr. 

The long awaited first litter with my new stud "ROMOS MJPAYNEBUDHA BOY OF FALCONEYE “ who is the son  who was owed and shown by Laura of  Romos Cattery.  The Queen is my  beautiful  exotic LIVINGLEGENDS MY ISIS OF FALCONEYE . You can see photos of them under  KINGS and  Queens.  The father has this magnificent perriwinkle eyes and a thick mostly spotted medium long coat and huge ear tuffs.  FALCONEYE has two adorable very "bobcat looking "females kittens for sale from this litter.   Both of the brothers of this litter are sold  .  These are the  grand children of the famous undeafeated in over 100 shows RW SGC ( regional and supreme grand champion ) STARSNSTRIPES MAJOR FRANK .