Falconeye Kittens

Hello and thank you for your interest in my exceptionally large, short-tailed Falconeye Pixie Bob kittens. I am Melanie Cain Stage, the owner and small-scale home breeder of these amazing TICA champion bloodline cats that are so rare and very difficult to successfully breed. My short-hair Pixies look like bobcats and my long-hair Pixies resemble a wild lynx.

My Pixie Bob females are extremely selective when choosing their mates and demand a close friendship first, then courtship and finally, if all goes well, romance. They often have very small litters, averaging just four kittens and because I only plan a few litters annually, these babies are in great demand.

My Pixie Bobs are home-raised with our family and receive constant attention, socialization and loving interaction. Because I run a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation non-profit organization on our 5 acre property, (HAWKEwildlife.com),  I am always either with my cats or nearby.

My kittens enjoy being handled, are used to our corgi dogs running around and are undisturbed by normal daily activities. They have a huge air-conditioned, heated and enclosed porch where their playground is located. Its large windows are where they love to watch the birds, squirrels and constant activity outside on our rural property. The kittens are  born in my office and have a safe kitten proof and fun room where they  are  have adventures and be played with.

I am an extremely ethical and professional breeder of Pixie Bobs and choose only top quality cats that meet the highest standards of this breed. I only mate those that exhibit exceptional good health, outgoing, loving personalities and calm, affectionate temperaments much like a beloved family dog. I do not breed any other cats, only Pixie Bob to Pixie Bob, going back six generations to the original, foundation Pixie Bob bloodlines.

Choosing one of my Pixie Bob kittens is a very personal experience. I provide photos of each kitten, from its birth up until the day it leaves my home to join your family. There will also be photos of its mother and father and other relatives, all included on a DVD for you. Every kitten receives 4 veterinary check-ups with health certificate and disease testing completed, all necessary  by age  approved vaccinations, flea prevention and spay or neuter. A purchase contract with warranty and TICA Registration Papers ready for transfer and registration in your name are also provided.

You get a TICA registration papers to transfer and register in your name and a health warranty and contract.  I have 4 kittens (one sale pending) from my shorthaired female "Living Legends My Isis of Falconeye below ,  has an short bobcat like coat with ticking and spots. The dad

Of this litter is next to her photo is named ROMOS MJPAYNEBUDHA BOY OF FALCONEYE and I also own his full sister  ROMOS MJPAYNEBUDHA BABE Of FALCONEYE.  They are both fathered by Supreme Grand Champion STARSNSTRIPES MAJOR FRANK PAYNE  who is 5 generation Pixie Bob To Pixie Bob Foundation Line . Won over all long hairs in shows huge show cat . I can give more information if you put a deposit on his kitten . The mother of the  four kittens is LL My ISIS Of FALCONEYE NICKED NAMED is the daughter Of  L.L. DAVEY CROCKCAT   AND LL CATERON DIAZ.  One of her kittens ROMEOW  from a past litter is now a show cat.

Buddha Babe was mated to Pharaoh and  only had one kitten and it was born same day as  her brothers  Budha Boy. The father of this one kitten a long hair black male with big eyes like  his mom was the first litter from my stud FALCONEYE MIGHTY PHARAOH AMSTEL who was born on Valentines Day 2017 and he is my constant companion .  His Dad is LL JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAT His Grandfather is NORTHCOUNTRY MIGHTY LOGGER who was on Cats 101 and Grandmother LL JENNIFUR ANISTON . His mom is ASTON WOODS MAKARA OF FALCONEYE his grandfather is Champion  CATSHEAVEN AMSTEL LAGER from Europe. All these cats are Pixie Bob to Pixie Bob not out crossed with other breeds and go back 6 generations to the original pixie bobs.  I have all these cats pedigrees. MAKARA is none spayed and here with another spayed female . I will not know a final price on these kittens  until another week . We have two short hair spotted there is available  one fancy short hair with a  little longer coat , and another short hair  with lovely color also . These kittens all have short natural tails some may have show length tails  but too early to tell  . I believe all of these long  hairs  will have the rare lynx extreme ear tips and spotted coats (not tabby stripe ) , Its too early to tell who will have the  rare  Gooseberry green eyes like Budha Boy and Babe  . There is possible one and if I don’t get a deposit soon two long hair available black spotted long hair ones  these will be about 1,650 or more . These kittens all have great heads, ears and eyes  of the standards of the breed . Pixie Bobs grow very  slowly and do not reach full maturity until about 3 years old.  My male Mighty Pharaoh is almost 14 lbs most are not this large  but can be especially males which all of these kittens are. They have no extra toes .You can look at my face book and see photos Izzys and Budha Boys last litter they will look a lot like these kittens all except Son of Pharaoh who has a different mom and dad . I also can be reached at 904 501 2291. Check your time difference if you live in another time zone.

Supreme Grand Champion STARSNSTRIPES MAJOR FRANK PAYNE grand father of this litter